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About Us

MMH Malta Ltd. specialises in the specific requirements of the oil and gas and marine sectors, providing a wide range of services including rig agency and rig stop services, planning, project recruitment, the contracting of pre-screened and pre-qualified personnel, training, logistics, facilities provision, supply chain services and project management.


Based in the Mediterranean Maritime Hub in Valetta Port MMH is at the heart of a programme of development and investment that will make Malta the regional centre for providing the complete range of service support required by the marine, oil and gas industry in the Mediterranean region.

MMH is working with the Hub’s constituent companies to develop and operate the industry’s first truly holistic and fully integrated facility. Striving deliberately to create the new kind of facility and model required by the recently changed commercial & operational realities of the oil and gas sector.

MMH enables:
  • ‘fit for purpose’ full supply chain support for the marine and oil & gas industry in a single location, accessible from anywhere in the Mediterranean.
  • integrated services provision and project planning, which, together with new ways of working, provides faster turnarounds, leaner crews, more efficient operations and reduced asset non-productive time.
  • high quality repeatable and reliable service support to company operations anywhere in the region.
  • local content-compliant ‘Regional Reach’ capability can help companies better manage and mitigate their operational risks in particularly challenging geographies.

In addition to its Malta operations, MMH is creating a network across the Mediterranean to ensure that the same high standards of performance and support can be supplied to clients wherever their Mediterranean operations are located – onshore and offshore.