Hub Rules and RegulationsHub Rules and Regulations

Hub Rules and Regulations


This document defines the Hub Rules and Regulations for all MMH visitors, clients, contractors, sub-contractors, Hub resident companies, and/or to anyone who provides any support services to the maritime services, vessel care services, technical services including inspection and maintenance and repairs activities, logistics services and to stores. MMH must ensure that all activities within the Hub are carried out safely and secure, in conformance with the local laws and regulations with respect to.
✓ Port Security
✓ Customs
✓ Health & Safety
✓ Environment

All individuals, be it employees, visitors and/or contracted third parties are expected to:

  • Take reasonable care for the health, safety and welfare of themselves, fellow
    personnel, and anyone else who may be affected by their acts or omissions.
  • Work in accordance with all safety procedures and agreements.
  • Act in an environmentally sustainable manner abide to Environmental laws,
    rules, and regulations.
  • Respect and abide with all International Ship and Port Facility code as guided by
    the Security Officers present within the Hub.
  • Avoid and report any illicit behaviour, with special attention to goods transfer
    thus ensuring that customs regulations are respected.
  • Insurance:
    • The Hub is a private facility and therefore not considered as a public road in terms of Chapter 104 of the Laws of Malta. All vehicles entering the Facility must have a 3rd party liability Hub endorsement.
    • All Insurance in relation to Employer responsibilities, professional responsibilities and third-party responsibilities are in order and active.
    • Any MMH contracted parties may have an obligation to provide copies of these insurance policies due to contractual obligations.
  • Co-operate with MMH in the discharge of their statutory duties.

All Hub constituents and attendees are required to communicate these requirements to any of their contractors or sub-contractors, suppliers, service provider or individuals employed by them to carry out work or a service at / for MMH.
The document does not cover every possible situation that may encountered. Personnel must always exercise good judgment and act accordingly. When in doubt, it is the constituents or attendees’ responsibility to seek guidance from their MMH point of contact or the MMH HSE, Marine Operations & Security, Shipping and Logistics Departments.
MMH reserves the right to stop the works and/or deny access to whoever does not comply
with these ‘IMS Hub Rules and Regulations’ from the site.

Site Security

Site Access

Any person entering the Hub must be authorized by MMH. The entrance to the Hub is managed by security personnel who manage all access movements into the premises

All Clients, Hub resident companies, contractors and subcontractors must ensure that all personnel who need access to the Hub apply for authorization with MMH Marine Operations & Security (marine Once registered and approved each individual will be given a personal pass.

All vehicles which require to enter the facility must also be registered.

Information necessary to issue the access pass are the following:

  • Name, Surname, and Identification No.
  • Purpose of visit
  • Duration of pass
  • MMH reference/ Contact person
  • Car Registration No. Plate (if applicable)

The access pass is issued for a period of time, in accordance with the purpose of the visit in


Movement of Cargo and Goods

MMH is a port facility operating under Customs regulations. All material, equipment or goods entering the facility from a vessel must be reported if:

  • It is not in free circulation.
  • Or being offloaded for the purpose of undergoing maintenance from a foreign registered vessel both on temporary or long term basis

Each respective entity responsible for the material leaving the facility, is duty bound to inform MMH Facilities Management, Customs and Logistics of the activity by electronic means via email ( Upon endorsement, the entity would compile the gate pass document available at the Marine Operations & Security Department’s office. The duty Security Officer is entrusted to check that the items/material being taken out of the Facility tally with the document, and should there be any issues or queries, s/he is to call for assistance without delay. Once all checks are completed, the Security Officer signs the document together with the driver or person responsible to taking out the item/s from MMH. The original form (white) will be given to the driver or person responsible in taking out the item/s whilst the second copy of the document (pink form) shall be handed to MMH Facilities Management, Customs and Logistics. The last copy of the document (yellow form) shall be left attached to the Gate Pass booklet.


Surveillance Cameras, Photos and Audio Recordings

The Hub is set up with closed-circuit television surveillance system to: –

  • Safeguard the safety and security of all employees, visitors, and clients.
  • Safeguard the security of all buildings and property.
  • Act as deterrence for anyone with malicious intents.
  • Assist in the prevention and detection of crime.

Assist Security Officers in the conduct of surveillance duties.

The CCTV system falls under the responsibility of the Marine Operations & Security Department whilst for the purposes of General Data Protection Regulations, the ‘data controller’ will be the MMH Data Protection Officer. Footage will be stored on a data recorder hard drive for up to a maximum of 14 days as per General Data Protection Regulations.

This system is designated to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency from a surveillance aspect however it is not possible to guarantee that the system covers
and/or detects every single movement and/or incident taking place in the areas of CCTV coverage.


Driving Regulations / Pedestrian Safety

  • Drivers and pedestrians are to follow site-specific traffic rules to avoid interference between the different flows (pedestrians, trucks, Vessel Care Hoists, forklifts and others).
  • Drivers must follow road safety legislation.
  • Pedestrians are to keep alert for passing traffic and /or equipment at all times.
  • Driving Speed limit is of 30Km/hr inside the facility.


Health & Safety

All Clients, Hub resident companies, contractors, and subcontractors are to ensure that all activities carried out by their respective personnel are performed in a safe manner without hindering the health & safety of their personnel and of all others who may be directly or indirectly be involved in such activities.

All Clients, Hub resident companies, Contractors, and subcontractors

  • entering MMH must wear minimum personal protective equipment; hard hat, high-visibility clothing, and safety shoes.
  • must adhere with all applicable local Health & Safety Legislation and to any MMH Policies and Procedures in respect to the activities being carried out.
  • must ensure that the following Health & Safety requirements are in place before any activities are carried out at the Hub.
    • Risk assessment for all activities/jobs
    • All machinery/equipment are in good working order.
    • All lifting equipment is certified by a competent engineer.
    • All personnel are skilled and competent to carry out the work.
    • All personnel are issued with the adequate PPE required for the job.
    • Necessary training is conducted for employees.

MMH may at any time, request for evidence of any requirements and may ask for any updates to ensure that these requirements cover all activities at MMH.

After taking all necessary safety precautions and informing MMH, all general activities are permitted to be carried out. The following activities need to be authorized by MMH and a specific permit to work is generated by MMH.

  • Any Hot Work activity.
  • Any Confined Space Entry.

The Client, Hub resident company, contractor, and subcontractor must ensure that all safety precautions indicated in the permit to work are in place.

Any assembly of scaffolding is to be performed only by competent personnel and certified as per national regulations.

Any work on the energised circuits or electrical lines in the agreed operational area/vessel area is to be carried out only by competent personnel and in line with a log-out tag-out procedure.



All Clients, Hub resident companies, contractors, and subcontractors are to ensure that.

  • All activities are carried out in accordance with MMH Environmental Policy.
  • All waste must be separated and disposed of in the designated skips or bins as per local legislation.
  • Ground, underground and marine are not contaminated with any form of material or liquids.
  • Hazardous waste is collected in bunded areas.
  • Any spills are immediately reported and contained, and the area is cleaned.