Hear it from the teamHear it from the team

Hear it from the team

Over the years we have been faced with several situations which required our immediate response and delivery. Here are a few of our experiences.
  • One of our toughest challenges was to provide specialized crew ready to start for a 12 hour shift for a short term project with less than 10 hours’ notice. We delivered.
  • One of our specialties is providing our clients with full crews to man-up a rig at the start of a new drilling campaign. From experience, we factor in a contingency too, so our clients don’t go short-handed and costly delays are avoided.
  • Whatever the reason, missing personnel are missing personnel and time costs money. Our attention to detail includes actively assisting crew with transport, check-ins and joining instructions.
  • Local content is often a critical project component. We have successfully supported projects in North Africa and our services include local recruitment undertaken by teams on the ground using MMH and its attendant resources to provide assessment support and training if required.
  • We offer 24/7-hour response to our client; it is not the first time that we receive calls during the night to settle a hotel booking or a flight. Personnel also call us any time of the day or night to assist them with logistical issues arising from bad weather, flight delays or changes in schedules.
  • We also assist with Medivac situations. One particular instance, the situation required sourcing a Medic to go to the airport, make necessary arrangements with hospital, co-ordinate an ambulance and prepare a Schengen Visa for the person entering the country – all within two hours. We delivered.


We are a committed team and very passionate about our work. We strive to keep our clients happy and we make sure to solve any difficulty that they might have.

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