Yachting Services - Discover A Core Service Offered By MMHYachting Services - Discover A Core Service Offered By MMH

Yachting Services – Discover A Core Service Offered By MMH

MMH provides a state-of-the-art facility at the centre of the Mediterranean where yachts can receive professional maintenance and repair services safely.

In 2021 we serviced 530 vessels in total, 45 of which were over 300T. In March we peaked with no fewer than 128 yachts on the hard.

Discover our Yachting Facilities

In order to carry out our services in a timely and safe manner, we have invested heavily to develop our existing facilities. Located in Malta, at the heart of the Mediterranean, MMH operates the necessary equipment and personnel to provide you with the specific yachting services that you require.

Our main facility is located within the Grand Harbour and is just a short drive from Malta’s International Airport. As such, it is conveniently accessible to all vessels journeying through the Med and looking for a state-of-the-art hub where to repair, refit, or spray their yacht or sea craft.

One of our key capabilities is the ability to lift vessels up to 700 tons, effectively making us unique in Malta and the Southern Mediterranean.

With this capacity, we can accept yachts of up to 60 metres in length and with beams of up to 13 metres.

Yacht hard standing can be set up both outdoors as well as indoors, allowing us to provide our services efficiently whilst also protecting your vessel from the elements.



Other notable features of our facility include:

  • Two travel lifts; 300 Tons and 700 Tons
  • 1,200 metres of berthing space available, along with two piers each of 45 metres in length
  • Over 35,000 square metres of workshop and shed facilities, including spray booth
  • In-house engine servicing services. These services can be carried out on land or underwater, and include repairs and maintenance to pumps, shaft arrangements, and seacocks.
  • In-house fabrication capacity that allows us to manufacture the necessary stainless steel works, steelworks, piping, and related equipment.
  • Security personnel on-site 24/7, providing round-the-clock security and safety.

Our approved partners and subcontractors

In order to offer a complete suite of specialised yachting services, we have partnered with various providers both in Malta and abroad. Some of these entities already operate from our facility, making use of shared office space and equipment.

We also work with subcontractors to offer hard-to-find services that include rigging, composite repairs, and sail maintenance as well as skilled operators of mobile cranes and their capabilities, spray painting companies, GRP technicians for large projects and many more.

How can our yard services help you?

Our team of experienced and qualified professionals combined with our hand-picked subcontractors offer a wide range of yachting services in Malta and out at sea.

Some of our most sought-after services include:

  • Polishing
  • Upholstery works
  • Piping fabrication
  • Seacock services
  • Anti-fouling works
  • Thermoplastic covering
  • Teak and carpentry works
  • Mast unstepping and stepping
  • Steel and stainless steel works
  • Fibreglass and composite works
  • Indoor and outdoor hard standing
  • Engine maintenance and servicing
  • Spray painting of hulls and superstructures
  • GRP repairs and carpentry works
  • Rigging & hydraulics
  • Aluminium works
  • Propulsion systems

We have extensive experience and know-how that goes beyond just yachts and luxury vessels; our state-of-the-art facility at the centre of the Mediterranean is where vessels of all kinds can receive professional maintenance and repair services safely and in a dependable manner.


Our highly motivated and experienced team has had the opportunity to be involved in a huge number of unique projects, and are focused on delivering the best possible service to our clients, whatever the sea craft.

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