Mega Caravan IIMega Caravan II

Mega Caravan II

The Mega Caravan, called in our facility to renew sea fasteners for the crane boom. During her the voyage the original sea fasteners broke.








The below are the works carried out:

Welding works at about 40m above sea level

    • Erecting scaffolding to reach the work area
    • Removal of existing sea fasteners
    • Repair of crane boom support pedestal
    • Welding preparation for new sea fasteners
    • Cutting of new sea fasteners 1000mm * 350mm* 30mm (85kgs)
    • Welding and UT inspection of new fasteners.












Rope access works

    • Check and tightening, earthing straps for crane
    • Re-securing of the whole unit include crane boom

All the above works were carried out 48 hours despite the continuous changes in work scope.

Below is the video of the Mega Caravan berthing in our facility, the Mediterranean Maritime Hub.















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