EXF Foundation

Course Overview

2 days
Price upon request
Open courses:

5th February 2024
8th July 2024
2nd September 2024
4th November 2024
Online, on MMH premises (Malta/Bologna), or client premises
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Target Audience

Supervisors, Contract Managers, Senior Management, Operators and Non-Practitioners. This course contains no practical skills training or practical assessment, and is therefore most suited to anyone involved in Hazardous Area work that does not actually conduct the installation or inspection of electrical equipment. No prior knowledge of hazardous areas is required for full participation in this unit.

Course Overview

The Foundation Course provides an overview of the requirements for working safely in a potentially-explosive atmosphere. The main aim of the course is to cover some of the basic key elements for the adoption of safe working practices, and to provide a greater appreciation of the hazards associated with working in explosive atmospheres.

All material is presented in Microsoft PowerPoint. Electronic handouts are given to candidates and are intended to be used as an aide-memoir tool in the future. (Hard copies are available at a cost.)

Course Content

Since this is the Foundation Course, only an overview of each topic will be covered. Topics include:

  • Explosive Atmospheres
  • Health & Safety
  • ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU (Equipment)
  • Equipment Protection Levels (EPL’s)
  • Area Classification
  • Protection Concepts
  • Ignition Sources
  • International (Ingress) Protection
  • Installation practices gas/vapours and dusts
  • Inspection and Maintenance gases/vapours combustible dusts
  • Videos


The candidate’s knowledge is assessed through an online, multiple choice examination.