Comprehensive Stability

Course Overview

5 days
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22nd January 2024

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Online, on MMH premises, or client premises
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Course Prerequisites

Candidates should have basic knowledge of the English Language (reading, writing, speaking skills).

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide the necessary Knowledge and understanding for Offshore Installation Managers, Barge Supervisors and Ballast Control Operators in Comprehensive Stability that satisfies the requirement of IMO resolution 1079(28) regarding the recommendations for training and certification of Personnel on Mobile Offshore Units.

Course Content

  • Overview of Workbook and Operations Manuals
  • Vertical, Transverse and Longitudinal Stability
  • The concept of ‘Free Surface’ and its effects
  • Definition and meaning of selected stability parameters
  • Explanation of reference planes and centre of gravity
  • Importance of vessel displacement and the inclining experiment
  • Use of the movement of G to determine the centre of buoyancy
  • Principles of Metacentre, Righting Arm and Stability Couple
  • The different states and conditions of stability
  • Calculation of the new KG based on added loads
  • Calculate TCG and LCG based on changes to the load
  • Calculation of Righting Moments


There are two parts to the Final Exam held at the end of the course. Part 1 consisting of a 50-question multiple choice exam and Part 2, 10 questions involving calculations.