Awareness WeekAwareness Week

Awareness Week

This week MMH ran an employee awareness week focusing on the Quality, HR, Health & Safety and Security protocols of the company and the Mediterranean Maritime Hub.

On Monday, our staff were acquainted with the Quality Management policy and were set a treasure hunt activity as teamwork is an integral ingredient in delivering high quality projects and services. Here at MMH we pride ourselves on the quality of services delivered to our clients, and we believe that quality is not a mere act, but an acquired habit.









The HSE Function in MMH delivered a Health and Safety Awareness session on Tuesday encouraging all employees to work towards MMH’s vision of Zero Accidents. It is part of our ethos to develop a good safety culture in the workplace, to ensure all of our employees are taken care of in carrying out their day to day work.  In the spirit of teamwork, our staff were tasked with coming up with a slogan for Health and Safety and we are happy to announce that it is:

Stand out from the crowd. Be Safe. Be Proud.

Ahead of World Mental Health Day, on Wednesday we dedicated the day to mental and physical wellness in one’s personal life and at the workplace, as every aspect of our lives influences our state of well-being. The MMH team strives to ensure that each and every member of its team is working towards a positive work-life balance, and so we are grateful for everyone’s participation in this session.


We closed off the week’s activities with a Security Awareness session, as the assurance of a secure environment is an indispensable feature for the employees and visitors of the Mediterranean Maritime Hub. During this session, the aim was to familiarize our staff with the International Ship and Port Facility Code (2004) as this is a common responsibility and fundamental requirement to work towards a thriving business. This session raised awareness of the threats and dangers at an ISPS Port facility, as security is everyone’s concern and crucial for our work. As part of the day’s fun activities, the participants were tasked with locating ‘Mr Intruder’and raising the alarm in time to stop his unauthorised access.


On Friday we dedicated the day to bringing everyone together and to thank our staff for organizing this week’s activities and informative sessions. We would also like to take the opportunity to thank H2Only for sponsoring the event.









Closing off the week, whilst the Chairman spoke about the challenges we face as an organisation, the Deputy Chairperson Angelique Maggi spoke to the staff and emphasized the importance of sticking together through the ups and downs of this journey, and in doing so building the MMH Family. 

Whilst it was crucial to ensure that staff gained knowledge of the company’s policies and protocols, this week was also about our values at the MMH and supporting our staff in upholding them to continue on our journey of growth and excellence.

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