Bringing excellence to what we do bestBringing excellence to what we do best

Bringing excellence to what we do best

We have just passed our three-year mark as custodians of the Mediterranean Maritime Hub and port infrastructure at the heart of the Grand Harbour, an all-important asset that has been entrusted to us by the Government of Malta. The new Mediterranean Maritime Hub we are seeking to develop, in what was previously known as the Malta Shipbuilding site, is decidedly taking shape. The investment we have placed in this port facility, seeking to service the marine and oil and gas industry matches the ambitions we have. In this project, with verve and dedication, we have sought to achieve the Government’s vision to make Malta once again a centre of maritime development and a key player within our region.


As the end of 2019 closes in it is worth taking stock of what we have achieved over this past year. Following an ambitious yet focused development programme of our facilities, we have advanced well in upgrading our quayside infrastructure. The quaysides are being rebuilt and strengthened with an improved mooring system, that has been installed to permit us to cater for larger and more sophisticated vessels. New bollards capable of handling large vessels have been installed and duly certified, and new 700-ton travel lifts have been acquired ensuring that Malta can once again attract the key industry players to its shores. All this brings our investment to the maritime industry over these last 3 years, to 30 million euros.

It is our belief that infrastructural investment alone, though crucial, is not enough and through our Academy we have developed several technical courses to provide for the necessary skill base required to be able to truly capture the opportunities that this endeavour presents. A recent course addition, through a recent collaboration with Atlantis Deep Sea, is the ROV course: an exciting and absolute first for Malta. Through this programme, we will train candidates to become qualified operators of remote underwater vehicles and robots used for underwater research, surveys and operations supporting various industries including Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Archeology, Geothermal Energy, Wind farms and Fish farms. This new programme meets the highest international standards and is fully compliant with the International Marine Contractors Association guidelines.


What we are striving to achieve at the Mediterranean Maritime Hub is a mammoth task, but we are emboldened and steadfast in our efforts, for we know that we are building on long standing Maltese traditions and capabilities in the maritime industry. New alliances are being formed, both with local operators and international players to ensure that Malta’s harbour and maritime industry is bustling and fostering economic growth. Despite the long history that propels us forward, both as a nation and as a company, we now know we can aim higher. With a lot of the hard work already underway, we can start looking forward to reaping the fruits of our quiet labour. Together we will bring excellence to what we the Maltese have always done best, making our Grand Harbour once again a gateway to the world around us.

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