True public safety and security requires the collaboration between law enforcement and the community in order to attain excellence in Maritime Security. This is a tenet that is completely espoused here at MMH. In conducting our annual exercise in line with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and applicable EU legislation, the Mediterranean Maritime Hub teamed up with law enforcement agencies and Transport Malta to conducted a simulated security event. This simulated event, achieved many of the exercise desired objectives and has put to the test various aspects of the Port Facility Security Plan such as coordination, availability of resources, communications and response of national organisations involved in security.

This full-scale live exercise was conducted under the direction and assistance of Transport Malta Port Security Officer’s office. Throughout the conduct of the exercise, MMH personnel were assisted by Transport Malta Law Enforcement Directorate, the Armed Forces of Malta Maritime Squadron MQR, the Malta Police Force RIU Unit and Shield Consultants Ltd, ensuring that excellence at MMH is the order of the day.

We will remain ever vigilant and shall invest in staying ahead of the game, by ensuring that our facility meets all the necessary security standards reflective of today’s threats. This is not only an obligation, but a duty towards our community, as ultimately safety translates to success.


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