MMH invests more than €20million in the HubMMH invests more than €20million in the Hub

MMH invests more than €20million in the Hub

The Mediterranean Maritime Hub’s more than €20 million investment to turn Valletta into a bustling hub for the Maritime and Oil & Gas sectors.

The first investment of €8million went towards the preparation of the site, starting with the dredging of the seabed to a depth of 10.5 meters – which both successfully removed pollutants from the main harbour and allowed the port to accommodate larger vessels within the Oil & Gas field – including supply and construction vessels and superyachts.









The 300- and 700-ton travel lifts are part of the second investment of €5 million that required upgrading works on quayside infrastructure. This 5-month long project involved creating two 45m long piers specifically designed to cater for two basins of 9m and 14m width necessary for accommodating wider vessels.

The improvements of the facilities required for the sector to thrive were a culmination of years of investments, experience, and collaborative partnerships with MMH. These collaborative synergies made it possible to develop the next phase of the project successfully, with more than €8million invested in the Hub – a site that today has over 100 direct employees with MMH and a daily average of 80 visiting personnel. The Hub also houses 10 residential operators and brings together another 15 operators visiting daily.

This project included 120,000 sq. meters of paving and servicing works upgrades, the upgrading of sheds and equipment; new workshops, blasting and painting booths as well as new offices and facilities.

These projects have laid the foundation for Malta to continue to serve as a hub for the Maritime and Oil & Gas industries. MMH is proud to be a partner in Malta’s journey, bringing excellence to what Malta has always done best.


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