The X-bow masterpiece!The X-bow masterpiece!

The X-bow masterpiece!

Through the development of the Mediterranean Maritime Hub, clients are finding a safe haven for the berthing of their vessels. The Hub, available on a 24-hour basis, is also providing the required resources and support to carry out afloat engineering and maintenance works on vessels.

Vroon Offshore has been utilising the Hub as its base for the last year. Two of their state-of-the-art vessels are the VOS Patience and VOS Partner, featuring the unique design of the X-bow, engineered by the Norwegian company Ulstein. This design eliminates wave slamming and bow impact in rough seas delivering better performance, whilst reducing noise and vibration, helping to enhance crew comfort and safety. More information on these vessels can be found on

The presence of these two vessels in our Hub keeps inspiring MMH to improve the range of services offered to our clients to cover all their needs. We strive to ensure full Client Satisfaction through a range of tailored services, delivered in a strictly timely manner through the Hub.

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