Industry alliance creates Malta training hub for the oil & gas industryIndustry alliance creates Malta training hub for the oil & gas industry

Industry alliance creates Malta training hub for the oil & gas industry

Three leading training institutions have formed an alliance to create a Malta-based training hub to cater to the growing needs of the maritime, aviation, and oil and gas industry. ISTC, MMH Academy and Motherwell Bridge have combined their expertise to offer tailored programmes in their own industry work environments across a three-mile radius in proximity to Malta International Airport.

A programme list of more than 25 courses features programmes in diverse disciplines including drilling, marine and technical tuition, a variety of welding certifications, and emergency response, disaster management, environment protection, and health and safety training.

The courses are aimed at international companies seeking to train or retrain their teams in certified environments, people seeking to embark on careers in these fields, enhance their skill set and obtain certification and accreditation.

All three training centres are accredited and recognised by bodies including IATA, Transport Malta, the International Well Control Forum, OPITO, NCHFE and others.

“Combining our skills and knowledge in a single alliance will allow us to access greater opportunities in countries and areas of business, previously closed off to a single operator,” Andrew Gilravey, ISTC College Director explained. “It will also help us to strengthen our current position in markets where we are already established.”

“The consolidation of similar markets and clients through collaboration delivers a unique value proposition within the MENA region,” Angelique Maggi, MMH’s Director added. “This will position Malta at the forefront of this industry. This collaboration also reflects a new way of working between the different players in the industry. Collaboration is key to success.”

“The three training centres, close to each other and to Malta’s international airport target the Oil and Gas industry and related sectors, Ruben Cuschieri, Managing Director at Motherwell Bridge stated. With over 25 courses on offer and a combined training experience of over 20 years this ‘one stop shop’ will address the needs of employers and employees alike.”

Left to right: Andrew Gilravey, ISTC; Angelique Maggi, MMH Academy; Ruben Cuschieri, Motherwell Bridge


About International Safety Training College – FIRE, SAFETY & EMERGENCY RESPONSE

ISTC is Malta’s distinguished training centre focusing on emergency response, disaster management,
health, safety and the environment. The unique training facilities have been specifically designed for the aviation, oil and gas, and maritime sectors. ISTC combines state-of-the-art facilities at its large fire grounds where highly trained qualified and experienced personnel, deliver accredited training to internationally approved standards.

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About MMH Academy – DRILLING COURSES & TECHNICAL                                                                                       

MMH Academy is dedicated to the training and education of the oilfield and marine communities throughout the Mediterranean region. It offers a range of high-quality instruction across the spectrum of industry disciplines, from Drilling, to Marine, to technical courses. Courses are delivered in a classroom environment, accompanied by simulators and workshops for hands-on training.

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Motherwell Bridge is an accredited training provider for the most demanding oil and gas welding
projects. Delivering courses to suit individual requirements and career aspirations, Motherwell
Bridge guides participants through modules delivered in a classroom environment and in a
dedicated workshop.

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