Port InformationPort Information

Port Information

With reference to Government communication LN 42 of 2020  and LN 63 of 2020 and port notices issued by Transport Malta, kindly note:


  1. All vessels must be cleared by Port Health prior to port entry.
  2. Any requests involving passengers from the listed countries are NOT Permitted
    1. Italy
    2. Switzerland
    3. France
    4. Germany
    5. Spain
    6. China, including Hong Kong
    7. Singapore
    8. Japan
    9. Iran
    10. South Korea county
  3. Any request involving passengers coming from a country other than those listed above are permitted and are subject to Port Health clearance.
  4. All person arriving to Malta needs to submit themselves to a mandatory fourteen days quarantine.
  5. All vessels crew must remain in quarantine for 14 days onboard the ship
  6. Requests from local work boats WTW / OTW are subject to Port Health clearance.
  7. Conveyances involving crew changes WTW and OTW are NOT Permitted.  Crew changes are only permitted whilst vessels are in port subject that applicable procedures are in place including Port Health clearance.
  8. Conveyance vessels requesting to proceed to OTW are to process a normal arrival and departure notification and are also subject to port formalities including Port Health clearance.


All the above is subject to change at the Authority’s discretion at any time.

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