Marine OperationsMarine Operations

Marine Operations

Working in a modern, reliable and strategic port location, MMH offers a range of support, from highly efficient, cost-effective Rig Moving, to Marine Services designed to speed up turnaround and improve the cost-efficiency of your business.


Berthing facilities

1200m of berthing space catering for cargo operations, maintenance and repairs, crew changes and provision of in-port services

Port services

The provision of services including, water supply, shore power supply, sludge removal, ship generated waste collection and logistics, ship supplies and transport services


The provision of bunkering supplies both at berth or offshore including provision of suitable transfer vessels to cater for the specific requirements of the receiving vessel or installation

Underwater operations

Underwater inspections, repairs, cleaning and welding, all undertaken by fully qualified personnel

Vessel chartering

A cost effective solution to meet client vessel requirements for particular SOW including deep sea towage, salvage, cargo runs, anchor handling, sub-sea works, escort vessels and bunkering


Service Example

The transfer of marine risers from MMH to Drill ship is just one example of how our multiple capabilities combined to deliver a holistic solution for the client. Vos Prince was chartered to transfer marine risers from the Malta to oil rig locations off Cyprus. In turn, risers were back-loaded to Malta for maintenance. We also provided full husbanding services and vessel clearance.

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