Shipping and LogisticsShipping and Logistics

Shipping and Logistics

A support services hub demands access to a proven global logistics capability delivering world class, full service support. MMH has that proven global logistics capability.

  • Full service support including customs management and rate negotiation
  • A fully computerised, custom built logistics system
  • Regular supplier review and assessment
  • Visual consignment checks
  • Rapid, deployable logistics support including aviation heavy lift capability
  • Experienced teams with direct experience and a practical understanding of the wide ¬†¬†range of likely components to be moved

Service Example

Whether the job involves an urgent, hand-carried shipment from Aberdeen to be cleared and processed in just a few hours or needs a cargo vessel to be fully loaded and cleared for shipment to Egypt at very short notice, our shipping and logistics teams have an impressive track record of delivering to tight deadlines.

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