Steel WorksSteel Works

Steel Works

Plating, pipe work or steel structures, steel fabrication is a core skill for MMH.

  • Stainless steel and carbon steel
  • Fabricated steel structures can be supplied with mill and class certificates on request.
  • Regular calibration and certification of all essential equipment used for steel work
  • High calibre, fully certified personnel able to carry out works offshore or aboard ship


  • Plate renewal and repair

Pipe Works

  • Pipe repair and renewal
  • Full pressure testing and certification
  • Complete package available

Steel Fabrication

  • Modifications on vessels or steel structures
  • Fabrication carried out by experienced and trained personnel
  • Capability to part flat sections of 750mm x 560 mm and round sections up to 560mm

CNC Cutting

  • CAD-based system
  • CNC cutting capability: 30mm using plasma, 300mm using flame

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