Professional inspection, servicing and certification you can rely on. We offer:


Subsea Riser inspection

Disassembly of Risers
  • Removal of floats
  • Removal of Auxiliary lines
  • Removal of Jewellery
Inspection of Risers
  • Visual and Dimensional Check on lines and main tubes
  • NDT inspection on main tubes and lines
  • NDT inspection on jewellery
Blasting and Painting of Risers
  • Bare metal blasting on Flanges and welds of main tube
  • Bare metal blasting on Auxiliary lines boxes and welds
  • Sweep blasting on remaining Surface of lines and main tubes
  • Painting with three coat system on bare metal and 1 coat system on covered surfaces
Reassembly of Risers
  • Assembly of jewellery on Main tube
  • Insertion of Aux Lines into Main tube
  • Assembly of flotation modules onto risers


Drill Pipe inspection

Unbundling of drill pipes on pipe racks
  • Lifting bundle on racks
  • Preparation for washing
Cleaning of pin and box tool joints
  • Mechanical and chemical cleaning at tool joint
  • External high pressure washing
  • Flushing of drill pipes
  • Cleaning of thread protectors
Surface preparation for NDT
  • Buffing of areas required to be inspected
Inspection of Drill pipes
  • Visual inspection on tool joint face
  • NDT inspection at tool joint and along joint
  • Dimensional checks on tool joint
  • Marking out and classifying joints post inspection
  • Re-facing on site following inspection
  • Re-cutting of Damaged threads in workshop
  • Hard band on tool joints.
Re-bundling of Drill Pipes
  • Preparation for delivery to client

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